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SEW 165 CB

Multi-purpose Cable Tester

? 165 CB is an ideal tool which can test the correct pin configuration
    for different kinds of cables.
? For testing:
    -RJ45/RJ11 -USB
    -COAX -BNC cable
    -Multi-wire cable
? Auto-scan and manual-check function
? Buzzer sound warning for wire status
? 2 LED module indicators on the master unit which can
   do both of transmitter and receiver functions for
   RJ45/RJ11 cable testing. Users don't need to use the receiving unit.
? 165 CB provides a variety for checking cable continuity,
  open status, short status and miss-wired.
? Ground (shielded ) wire test.
? LED indication for wire status.
? Power source : 9V battery

Amplifier Probe

? The Amplifier Probe is designed to identify and trace
  wires or cables within a group without damaging the insulation.  
? The flashlight function for easier cable tracing in the dark.
? An LED indication for the signal strength.
? Volume control for increased sensitivity and adjustable
   to suit work environment.
? Recessed ON/OFF button prevents battery drain.
? Works with any Tone Generator to identify wires.      
? Power supply is in any 9V battery with a life of approximately 100  hours.
? A phone jack is designed for headset or handset.

Tone Generator

? Tone Generator is a great tool for locating and
   identifying cable pairs or individual conductors.      
? Two bi-colored LEDs for Line1 and Line2 indication of
   the polarities of the telephone lines.    
? Identifying Tip and Ring of telephone lines
? Identifying telephone line condition : Clear line, Busy
   line and Ringing line.  
? 165 CB does not only serve as a tone generator, but
   it also serves as a continuity and polarity tester.      
? Users can select a fast dual tone or a slow dual tone
   by the rotary switch.
? The unit has alligator type terminals, a modular cable
   of 4 conductors with a strong connector.
? The tone and continuity functions are only applied to
   Line1. (modular connector)


 Master unit & Tone Generator (165 CB-TG)
 Display LED Modules
 Bi-colored LEDs
 Wave form Square wave
 Frequency 1kHz ± 15%
 Over voltage
 protection 80V DC
 Single tone ??
 Alternating tone Fast and slow
 Amplifier Probe & Receiving unit (165 CB-A)
 detection 1Hz~12kHz
 Receiver distance  < 50cm
 Sensitivity control ?
 Flashlight  ?
 LED for
 signal strength ?
 LED module ?
 Operating temp &
 humidity 0?~40?C, 80% Max.
 Storage temp &
 humidity -10?~50?C, 80% Max.
 Power source 165 CB-A : 9V battery x 1
 165 CB-TG : 9V battery x 1
 Dimensions 165 CB-A :
 263(L) x 55(W) x 37.3(D)mm
 165 CB-TG :
 180(L) x 82(W) x 43.8(D)mm
 (battery included) 165 CB-A : Approx. 210g
 165 CB-TG : Approx. 280g
 Safety standard EN 61326-1  EN 55011
 EN 61000-4-2  EN 61000-4-3

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